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Calling Cards FAQ
Q: Why can’t I connect to the number that I’ve dialed?
  1. Please check the dialed number again, as well as area and country codes.
  2. You may have incorrectly entered an international prefix (e.g. 00,001) before the country code. This prefix is not required to use this card
Q: Why is there no response after I entered my PIN?
  1. A tone dial phone or tone dialler is required to use this phonecard service.
  2. Ensure that you have entered the correct PIN printed on the back of your phonecard.
Q: I insert the card in the public payphones?
A: No, the card does not work in public payphones.
Q: Should I pay to initiate calls at public payphones?
A: We don’t charge you for initiating calls at public pay phones, but you may have to insert payment for a local phone call according to the payphone that you use.
Q: What is "Easy Dialing"?  
A: "Easy Dialing" allows you to pre-register specific phone numbers so that you never have to enter PIN numbers when dialing international calls  
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