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IDT has a wide selection of calling cards with unique features and fantastic Ratesss to hundreds of countries across the globe. Easy-to-use, no-nonsense, disposable calling cards allowing you to stay connected with your family and friends in your home country cost-effectively 24 hours a day.
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The IDT Home Phonecard Series at a Glance
For Filipinos
IDT Tawag Na Calling Card
Tawag Na means "Call now" in Tagalog. This card targets the Filipino community and customers who frequently call the Philippines from Singapore. With excellent minutes and fast, clear connection, Tawag Na is a very popular choice among Filipinos.

For Indians
IDT Unity Star Calling Card
IDT Unity Series Phonecards compromise Unity Star, Unity Pink, Unity Yellow and the latest addition - $3 Unity Green. The Unity series of cards have matched the success of IDT’s flagship card across Europe. The Unity series cards are widely distributed and have a very loyal following, especially among the Indian community because of the excellent minutes and fast, clearconnections. Different denominations are available to cater to individual needs.

For Indonesians
IDT Gado Gado Calling Card
The IDT Gado Gado Phonecard provides good quality calls and clear connection to Indonesia. Customized for the Indonesian community, it has instructions in Bahasa Indonesia for easy and convenient dialling.

For Chinese
IDT Always Full Calling Card
Traditionally, the Chinese used to put a small note with the words "Always Full" written in Chinese characters on the rice container. It is a hope that their basic needs are always met. With the Always Full Phonecard, users can enjoy long and frequent chats with their friends and family in China at very attractive rates.

For Burmese
IDT Mini Bonus Calling Card
IDT Bonus Series Phonecards compromise of mini Bonus, Bonus and Bonus Plus, each offering different denominations to cater to individual needs. The Bonus series cards are designed specially for the Burmese community in Singapore. Offering one of the highest minutes to Myanmar, it is no wonder that it is a popular choice among the Burmese community to call back home!

For Thais
IDT Emerald Calling Card
IDT Emerald Phonecard is designed specially for the Thai community in Singapore. Giving one of the highest minutes to all of Thailand’s landline and mobile networks, it is a card that offers real value-for-money. It has instructions in Thai for easy and convenient dialling. Besides offering excellent minutes to Thailand, this card also offers attractive minutes to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

For Bangladeshis
IDT Ace Blue Calling Card
IDT Ace Blue Phonecard is specially designed with the Bangladeshi community in mind. Besides offering attractive minutes to Bangladesh, it also offers attractive minutes to China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and many others.

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